Monday, September 16, 2013

"One Skein" Throw

A college friend of ours just got married on Saturday. We got the save-the-date months ago, but I have been so delightedly distracted by pattern designing that I didn't think about crocheting something for the couple until two weeks before the wedding. It has become a recent personal goal of mine to crochet a blanket to accompany every wedding gift I give and a baby blanket to accompany every baby shower gift. I needed to act quickly and ended up trying out the free One Skein Throw pattern from Coats and Clark. I highly recommend it, though it certainly took more than one skein! I cheated a bit and used an 8mm hook and 8mm yarn for a very plush throw rather than the 6.5mm that the pattern calls for. The pattern is based on a relaxed two row repeat that works up quickly and I'm quite pleased with how the throw came out. I worked mine up a little differently from the pattern example. I hope that the newlyweds enjoy it!

I thought it would be nice for them to snuggle under it on the couch and watch movies. Making this blanket was enjoyable enough that I will most likely make it again in the future.

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