Monday, March 31, 2014

Viking Hat

I am very particular about taking commissions. I will only take commissions for things I have never done before. Although I take a lot of pride in my designs (and put a lot of love into them, too!), I don't derive enjoyment from working up the same project many times.

Recently my dear friend Maddie bought the sample set for the Sleepy Panda Baby Set for an upcoming baby shower. Hooray! That was awesome enough, and then she and her husband commissioned something different... a viking hat. I had seen all of the fun people were having with crochet viking hats on various social networks but hadn't yet made one myself. I accepted the commission and here's the finished product.

I used this pattern by MyntKat to make my hat. There are some free patterns out there but it's worth paying for a pattern when you can see that the design is closer to what you're looking for. Indeed, this pattern was quite comprehensive with multiple sizes and thorough directions.

Maddie's husband requested black horns on his hat. Since stuffing the horns with fiberfill would have shown through, I stuffed them with cheap black yarn instead. Okay... this is totally silly... do you want to know what was running through my head the whole time I was making this hat? This song.



  1. I love the glorious Viking hat, and appreciate your clarity and fierce focus on what kinds of work you agree too. Right on, Sara!!

    1. Thank you! You're always so supportive :)


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