Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Important Announcement: New Posting Schedule

For almost two years now Illuminate Crochet has updated three days a week without skipping a beat. It's been amazing! I've learned so much and made so many new connections with all kinds of folks in the crochet world. However, blogging is a lot of hard work and takes a good deal of time to do properly. As my business grows I am finding that I need to spend more time on and pay more attention to pattern designing. That's why I've decided to move to a two-day-a-week posting schedule starting next week. The new posting schedule will be Tuesdays and Fridays. There's nothing to fear! All of my Friday features are still up and running and I'll still be sharing awesome tutorials, pattern reviews, book reviews, yarn reviews, funny posts, and everything else on Tuesdays. Hopefully I'll hit a sweet spot and feel like my designs are no longer suffering. This will also mean that I can bring you more original patterns more quickly.

Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Stick around, there's still plenty of awesomeness to come!

Also, I know it's April 1st...but this is indeed a real post ;)

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