Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stitch and Pitch Recap and Nautical Pattern Winners

My dear friend Toni is always giving me wonderful fiber-related opportunities. When she went out of town recently, she gifted myself and my friend Ariel of Stariel Knits some tickets to the annual Stitch and Pitch Mariners game. At Stitch and Pitch they had an assortment of yarn booths and some fun fiber giveaways. The whole idea was to bring fiber arts and baseball together. The stitchers had a whole section. Working on WIPs was highly encouraged!

Ariel and I floated around a bit from place to place visiting our friends (Hi, CJ and Lindley!) and looking at booth offerings. Our actual seats were in an excellent place down on the 100 level.

There were many fun booths up on the 300 level with wonderful hanks galore. I am totally on a fiber diet right now, but if I wasn't I would have certainly overdone it on the yarn. For some reason I was especially drawn to pink that day. I was very happy to see that crochet was well represented.

Eisaku Noro, founder of Noro yarns, was there signing books as a special guest. Alas, I was too shy to ask for a picture :) All in all it was a lovely evening out at the old ball game! Thanks for the opportunity, Toni!

Finally, here are the winners of the Nautical Pattern Giveaway. I'll be contacting you soon!

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