Friday, November 6, 2015

Crochet Coloring Page

Coloring pages have become really popular lately. I've always enjoyed coloring for fun, perhaps as a side effect of having a Master's in Teaching :) When I was a substitute teacher I always brought coloring sheets along for unexpected moments, even for high schoolers. Some of my favorite coloring books are authored by Ruth Heller. I have cats, flowers, and geometric designs. In fact, I once did an impromptu first grade math lesson with a cat coloring page when I didn't get any sub plans!

About a month ago I decided to draw up my own coloring page to give to you and I've finally gotten around to it! I'm not an expert at drawing, but I think it turned out pretty cute anyway :) Also, I'm allllllmost ready to tell you about all of the secret crocheting that has been taking up my time. Almost! In the meantime, here is a cool crochet coloring page for you! To print the picture, right click it and select "View Image." The image should pop up all on its own for you to zoom in on and print. For an even larger file size, visit this imgur link.


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