Friday, June 3, 2016

Hot Off the Hook: Basketweave Crossbody Bag

The weather has got me super into bag patterns right now. Summer is officially beginning at the end of this month, and my hands are all about cotton. I'm excited this afternoon because I just finished the sample for the first of two basketweave bag patterns. This one is the crochet version.

I'm sending it to my testers this weekend and I hope to release it at the beginning of July. That way all of you concert/festival/fair/etc goers will have a nice project to make and show off while carrying your stuff in style. The knit version is in progress, as I've mentioned before. Oh, but I'm not stopping there! I also have some delightful crochet-bag-pattern-making plans for this cotton yarn right here:

I found out that an art store in town, Blick Art Materials, carries many colors of Lily Sugar and Cream. Score! Cotton-y goodness, here I come.

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