Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Fun with Stitch Fiddle: Repeating Patterns

I recently came across this fun blog post about repeating patterns. Anyone can make a repeating pattern by following the simple directions. How neat! I couldn't resist doing some experimentation since repeating patterns have obvious crochet applications. Stitch Fiddle provided the perfect starting tool. Here's the original design I came up with. It could potentially be used as a tile, but I wanted to see what would happen if I followed the repeating pattern instructions. Imagine each box as a single stitch of a crochet color chart.

I took a screen shot (command+shift+3 on a Mac and the Print Screen key on a PC) and then edited it down to just the design. Next, I opened a blank document and copy-pasted the left side to the right and the right side to the left. It looked like this:

Tip: You can see the change in position by following shift of the black highlight box. I zoomed in as close as possible and then took another screen shot. Finally, I took the top half and moved it to the bottom using the same procedure as before to produce my tile. I finished it off by changing the center stitches to black.

Now that I have a repeatable tile I can arrange it against itself as many times as I like to make a design.

This process could be used to create some super interesting crochet colorwork, don't you think? Here's another design process using an asymmetrical picture to start.

I am having WAY too much fun with this... Be sure to try it out!

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