Monday, January 13, 2014

Dragon Egg Dice Bag

Do you like Game of Thrones? Both the books and the television series are quite popular with fantasy lovers. While I certainly consider myself a lover of fantasy (The Abhorsen Series, His Dark Materials, and Earthsea for the win!), I never really got into GoT. I tried reading the first book several times but it seems to cater too much to the male gaze for me to become seriously interested in it. Perhaps I'll try watching the series sometime.

Though I'm not terribly interested in it myself, I can totally understand why others are. One person in my life who really loves the books is my brother-in-law, Eric. Another of Eric's hobbies is playing Dungeons and Dragons. When I asked myself what to make him for Christmas this year, the answer came to me quite readily: a dragon egg dice bag. Many members of r/crochet have successfully made nice dice bags, so I thought I would follow their lead. Here's what I ended up with.

To create the egg I used this pattern by Rachael Fulcher. I used Bernat Satin and a 4mm hook. The pattern is for a stuffed dragon egg but I modified it slightly to make it into a bag. She also has this pattern that is actually meant to be a bag, but I liked the look of the first egg more since it is truer to the egg seen in the show. To modify the first pattern I stopped about 3/4 of the way through and worked up a row of posts to run a string through. I'm really happy with the finished object.

Wanna know something quirky? I find it tremendously satisfying when I'm making a project and at some point the yarn I'm using can fit inside of it so I can keep it there while I'm not working on it. Like this!

Isn't that satisfying? So tidy. This was a great project with nice texture and I would totally recommend it to all of the GoT fans out there.

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