Friday, August 15, 2014

Remix Friday: Baseball Blanket

Even though there are so many clever crochet patterns available it can sometimes be hard to find a single pattern that is exactly what you're looking for. If a few of them come close enough, why not combine them to form a totally unique object? That's just what Sherie did when she made her Baseball Blanket, today's Remix Friday project. Here's her story.

The Crocheter
My name is Sherie. I learned to crochet as a girl but never really started crocheting until I retired in 2012.

The Original Pattern
Corner-to-Corner Throw by Catherine J. Watson and Bouncy Ball Baby Blanket by Debbie Smith

The Story
I have two grandchildren and made the baseball blanket for my grandson.  

The Remix
I used the Bouncy Ball pattern on Ravelry to make the squares. I initially was going to make just the squares to fit a twin bed,  but my husband thought I should make a diamond shape. So I joined the completed squares into a diamond and for the corners, used the corner to corner pattern on Ravelry to simulate grass. I joined with the ladder stitch. Since my son-in-law is a Braves fan, I decided to make the baseball squares in blue. The result was a blanket that will fit on a queen size bed!

Crochet is... so very addicting!

What a cool gift! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us today, Sherie.


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