Friday, November 13, 2015

Ultimate Crochet Gift List: Ideas for Moms, Boyfriends, Best Friends, and more!

As crafters we know that the holiday season is almost upon us. You've probably already started making gifts (if that's something you're into), but you may still be stumped as to what you'd like to make for a certain person. Maybe you feel like you've already made them everything possible for past holidays. Fear not! Finding gift ideas for the holidays and beyond should now be a cinch! I have just put my blood, sweat, and tears into what I hope is the Ultimate Crochet Gift List.

This list is divided into two sections. First you'll see the complete list of all items divided by category. Please note that the list items are broad. For example, "scarf" may be a single list item. However, there are a lot of different types of scarves that include infinity scarves, scarflettes, traditional scarves, etc. I kept the list broad so that it wouldn't get too long.

Next you'll find a series of targeted lists made to help you find a gift for a specific person. Please note that some lists are gendered. This doesn't mean that I believe everyone of a certain gender would like certain things, and I would never endorse judging others for their personal tastes. I simply put together some lists in the hopes that they would be helpful for some folks.

Ultimate Crochet Gift List

Accessories: Head
hat, ear warmer, headband, scoodie, hooded cowl, hair bow, snood, bonnet, collar, earrings

Accessories: Neck
scarf, tie, bow tie, cowl, cape, wrap, shawl, necklace

Accessories: Hands
gloves, mittens, wristbands, wrist warmers, fingerless gloves, arm warmers, bracelet

Accessories: Feet
socks, slippers, boot toppers, leg warmers, barefoot sandals, stockings, anklet

Accessories: To Carry
purse, tote bag, device case, messenger bag, market bag, coin purse, backpack 

Accessories: Other
belt, pin, willy warmer (NSFW)

sweater, cardigan, bolero, jacket, vest, dress, skirt, shorts, top

Home Goods
throw blanket, full-sized blanket, baby blanket, throw pillow, basket, bowl, pocket organizer, ottoman/pouf, tissue box holder, cushion, rug, doormat, valance, pin cushion, stool/chair cover, doorstop, paperweight

Kitchen and Dining
tea cosy, dish scrubbies, hanging towles, dish cloths, place mats, centerpiece, table runner, napkin ring, pot holder, edged towels, edged napkins

wash cloths, bath mat, hot water bottle cover, makeup remover pads, toilet lid cover, soap cover, loofah, drawer caddie

crown, superhero cape, mask, stuffed animal, amigurumi, tent, play food, crinkle toy, game set, ball, stuffed animal net, themed play set

doily, ornament, stocking, garland, wreath, framed art, freeform art, vase/jar cover, candle holder, hanging plant holder, faux flowers/potted plant, covered rocks

bookmark, parasol, hand fan, collar, leash, pet bed, cat cave, lidded box

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