Friday, January 29, 2016

Project Page Appreciation: toradora's Nautical Baby Blanket

Happy Friday and welcome to the first Project Page Appreciation Day! This month I have selected toradora as our winner for her job well done on my Nautical Baby Blanket pattern. From her project page:

"loved making this blanket once you get into the swing of things it really flys by! its very soft and squishy and drapes wonderfully. the modified reverse single crochet is a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it ; its really worth the effort! i found really relaxing my hold on the hook helped. highly recommend this pattern :)."

Great job, toradora! Your hard work really paid off. As her prize she has selected two patterns, the Color Squish Beanie and Sleepy Panda Baby Set.

Wanna be featured for Project Page Appreciation? On the final Friday of each month I will be choosing a new winner. Simply upload a project page on Ravelry to be considered.


  1. Love the blanket!!! Anchors are super fun to crochet :D

    1. I agree! Though I may be biased, seeing as my sorority's symbol is an anchor...


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