Saturday, October 28, 2017

Yarn at Seattle Recreative

I love Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. With a bar called The Angry Beaver, my favorite yarn shop called The Fiber Gallery, The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company (the funds of which go to a non-profit tutoring center for kids), and Chocolati chocolate cafe... what's not to love!? The neighborhood suffered a tragedy last year, but it has mostly recovered.

Another neat spot in Greenwood is Seattle Recreative. This is a non-profit shop that receives donations of craft supplies and resells them. They use the profits from the sales to fund art programs. This place is so fun to browse; it is full of little treasures! As a teacher, it seems to me to be the ultimate representation of the phrase "I could totally use this for a class project someday!" They even have a yarn stash. Check it out!


  1. Thanks do much for this post. My favorite yarn shop is also Fiber Gallery, but I didn't know about Seattle Recreative, and I do have some lovely yarn that will be looking for a home some day. So glad to know where it do some good!

    1. Indeed. I'm sad I didn't know about it before I donated a bunch of paper-crafting stuff to Value Village. I think it might have been better off at Seattle Recreative.

  2. Seattle Recreative is such a neat idea!


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