Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Craftsy Blog Shoutout

Just the other evening I was making my usual internet rounds when I noticed something interesting. My pattern sales had picked up quite a bit when compared with the usual rate. Woohoo! The designer in me was simply pleased that things were going well... but the sleuth in me wanted to figure out why sales had picked up all of a sudden. Thanks to some good Google-foo on the part of my husband, we figured out why folks had suddenly taken a special interest in me. Craftsy had featured one of my patterns, the Sweet As Honey set, on their blog!

This was a complete surprise. I did not know ahead of time that they were going to feature me. I feel so fortunate and honored. In order for this to happen someone I don't know personally had to look for patterns that they found appealing, happen upon my pattern, and then enjoy my pattern enough to write about it. Talk about satisfying! Now a bunch of folks are all whipping up the Sweet As Honey set for babies in their lives. It's all truly touching... and super exciting!

Thanks to all those people who have supported me as a designer by purchasing a pattern, and thanks to Craftsy for the sweet shoutout!


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