Friday, August 1, 2014

Remix Friday: Noro Hexagon Blanket

The right yarn can take a project from wow to WOW! Think about it: You're spending hours on your project, you're handling the yarn the whole time, and you want your finished project to be as great as it can be. Sometimes a yarn splurge is necessary ;) Today's remix is certainly WOW. The yarn selection and sheer size of the finished object takes it beyond the pattern. It's something else entirely. Let's hear what Candice has to say about her stunning creation.

The Crocheter
My name is Candice Miller, 32 years old from Virginia, and I’m a graphic/web designer by day. I taught myself to crochet in 2011 because I wanted to make a 1-Up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros., but I really started getting into it I think to mentally compensate for my impending thyroidectomy. I got my thyroid removed because I had Graves' disease. (Long story short, I no longer have a thyroid, but I still crochet a lot)

My project list and stash on Ravelry are massive. This might border on OCD, but they help me finish projects! I love Ravelry.

I have 2 pugs named Lilu and Sprocket, and my husband and I live in the “country" where the little girls have plenty of room to roam.

I recently taught myself to knit (gasp) because I wanted to make the Katniss Cowl from Catching Fire. Crochet is still my favorite, though. My other hobbies include jewelry-making, sewing, leather working, and I love comic books and movies. (If I think I can make something I see, I usually go for it until I get it right

The Original Pattern
Hexagon How-To from Attic24

The Story
I made a king-sized hexagon blanket out of Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden. And although it fits the top of our bed, it’s going to live on the back of the couch in the living room so we actually see it. (As long as the pugs don’t mess with it, we’ll see) 
I’d been inspired by this project and this project for the color changes.
And thought…what if I do something in between? And I have about 10 balls of Noro just hanging out in a box….and thus it started.

The Remix
The pattern itself is just for a hexagon, so you can do anything with it. I actually used the join-as-you-go method which supposedly makes for a stronger blanket and was also faster from what I’ve read. This method had its pro’s and con’s, for instance I was able to cluster like-colors together, but once I ran out of a color I’d have to wait until my order arrived before I could continue in that spot.

Join as you go method tutorial here.

I tried to control the color changes as best I could, it became more difficult toward the end, and I was splicing together different skeins of Noro to get the effect I wanted. (Noro just ties the yarn together sometimes! So I figured I could do the same)

Crochet is... challenging, rewarding, beautiful.

Beautiful! What a statement it must make when viewed in Candice's home. You can find more of her creative endeavors on Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, and her website. Have a colorful day!


  1. Candice,
    Your hexagonal blanket is truly beautiful!! You are truly talented!

  2. Replies
    1. I know. Why don't I have a million extra hours in a day so I can make one for myself in addition to everything else?? I need a Time Turner.


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