Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Crochet Slang

A while back I wrote this post on crochet slang. More slang has crossed my path since then and I'd love to share it with you!

HOTH = Hot Off the Hook. You've just finished a project that's HOTH and peeps better watch out... those stitches are on fire!

Yarn Barf or Yarn Vomit = The clump of tangled yarn that you pull out of a center pull skein. I pulled hard on the strand and then a bunch of yarn barf spewed out. Gross!

Ami = Short for "amigurumi", a Japanese word for small crocheted animals/toys. I might have made more ami owls this year than is necessary or reasonable. Don't judge.

Yarn Bomb = A decorative piece of crocheted or knitted art that is strung up in public. I am totally gonna yarn bomb that ugly trash can with some cool crochet stripes. 

Freehand = Making an object without following a pattern. I totally freehand crocheted a hat for my cat. She's not terribly impressed. 

Scrumble =  Combining freehand and other crochet pieces to make a unique object. A little of this, a little of that, and voila! A scrumble.

Yarn Cakes = The small skeins of yarn that result from using a yarn winder. You can never have too many yarn cakes. Yum.

Stash = As a noun, your collection of yarn. As a verb, to amass a collection of yarn. Gotta keep on stashing to build up my awesome stash.

De-stash = Going through your stash and giving away yarn you aren't using. Hmm, yarn stuffed in the trunk? In the linen closet? On the bookshelf? Time to de-stash.

A few of those should look familiar from Monday's post!


  1. Loved the Hooker
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Happy hooking,
    Mary aka yayamama


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