Friday, September 5, 2014

Remix Friday: Laptop Bag

Another Friday, another Remix! I know, sometimes it's almost unbelievable how many creative people there are in the world who bend the rules and make totally unique projects. Today's Remix is no different. It's colorful, creative, and best of all functional. Check out how Marina took a granny square pattern in a new and different direction.

The Crocheter
My name is Marina, last year from Hamburg, Germany, now I live in a very small village near the north sea. My two kids are grown up. I'm married and we live with a little dog and a great garden with vegetables. Sometimes I get pleasure to knit or crochet and then I'll think of something.

The Original Pattern
Sunburst Flower Granny Square by Kasa Amend

The Story
Last year I was traveling a lot and my laptop needed a discreet pocket. 

The Remix 
This bag is invisible because it looks like a pillow and it is soft. It is very simple to make. Crochet 35 squares, two loops, and two buttons. 

What a pretty way to keep you laptop cozy! Thank you for sharing your creative idea with us today, Marina!

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  1. I like the aspect of camouflage - great for security while out and about. Good idea!


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