Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Few Fashion Sightings

I've been working on a few secret projects and patterns lately. I'm really excited about them and it's hard to keep them to myself! I love sharing what I'm doing here on the blog but it will just have to wait. In the meantime, here are two crochet sightings I had recently while shopping. 

I spotted this tapestry style crochet bag in a store window. Can you imagine the amount of work it must have taken? I truly hope that the maker was paid a fair wage for their work.

Here's a granny style crochet bag I saw at Nordstrom Rack. I thought it might be imitation crochet at first but when I got up close to it I could see the stitches. Crochet really has come back in style. It's great! In fact, crochet has been showing up on the runway a lot lately. Have you spotted some crochet out and about? Send a pic on over and I'll share it here! You can always email me at


  1. Look at the price tag. Encouraging. I should think so since we know crochet can only be hand done. I am so glad you emphasised the actual work and time that goes into crocheted items to spread the word and value our craft.

    1. Indeed! I'm always happy to tell others the true cost and labor that goes into handmade items. Thanks for reading!


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