Monday, October 13, 2014

Holiday Crochet Tips

Can you believe we are already well into October? It's nuts to me. Time is passing so very quickly! If you've got some holiday crochet planned, this means that you are probably thinking about your projects. Perhaps you've already started them! Gifting handmade crochet items to your loved ones can be a great experience. However, it can also become a bit of a burden. Here are some humble points to consider as you make decisions about crochet holiday gifts. Let's make sure that your time and effort are well-spent and well-appreciated!

Consider your recipients.
It's important that your recipients enjoy their gifts... and it's also important that you enjoy giving them! Don't hand-make crochet items for folks who may not necessarily appreciate them or you will both be disappointed. I recommend selecting a smaller number of VIP giftees to make crochet gifts for. Also, be sure to make items that the recipients will use in colors that they enjoy.

Consider your schedule.
If you're just making your significant other a blanket and you're not crocheting any other gifts this year, it stands to reason that you could probably finish in a few months. However, if you've decided to make ornaments for all of your coworkers, and also a hat for your brother, and oh maybe a cardigan for your sister... I sure hope your days are wide open! Think about cutting back on the size or number of your projects if you start to get overwhelmed.

Consider your wrist.
The health of your hands and wrists is important. Crocheting an excessive amount in a short period of time can lead to all kinds of unpleasant health problems, some of them doing lasting damage! Be sure to take frequent breaks and don't try to cram all of your holiday crocheting into a week.

Consider yourself.
Do you often make crochet gifts for others? Have all of your friends and family already received a crochet gift from you in the past? This year, think about crocheting for yourself instead! Buy a gorgeous yarn that's a bit pricier than you would usually allow and whip up a lovely item just for you.

Do you have any special holiday crochet tips or traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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