Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crochet Challenge

Are you stuck in a crochet rut? Do you need a little extra motivation and a new idea to get you going? Sometimes crochet motivation can be a little elusive. Allow me to help you out by presenting you with a list of crochet challenges! Pick one or more challenges from the list below to spice up your hooking. We're in the thick of prime crochet season, folks. Let's make the most of it and hook up some stellar projects! When you're done be sure to tell us all about your successfully completed challenge in the comments.

- Finish a UFO that has been sitting around for way too long

- Crochet something in a color you don't usually wear (Tip: Neons are hot right now!)

- Learn a new stitch or technique that intimidates you (crocodile stitch, broomstick lace, tapestry...)

- Find something really cool on one of your Pinterest boards and hook it up

- Write your very own pattern

- Buy an expensive yarn you've been coveting and make something for yourself

- Close your eyes and reach into your yarn stash, then make something with the first yarn you touch

- Start the project that has been in your Ravelry queue the longest

- Work with a material you've never worked with before (mohair, plarn, thread...)

- Add a crochet edge or applique to a store-bought clothing item

- Make a new version of a project you really enjoyed in the past

- Pick up one of your pattern books or crochet magazines, open to a random page, and start that project

- Surprise someone you love with a small just-because crochet gift

- Teach someone to crochet

- Collaborate on a crochet project with a friend

Do you have some challenge suggestions? Be sure to share those, too!

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