Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Scrap Project: Swatch Bow

What do you like to do with your yarn scraps? There are many awesome large scrap projects out there. Bags and blankets are some popular options. However, sometimes you just want to use up your tiny balls of yarn without all of the fuss of changing to a new ball over and over again. What to do? Today I want to show you my very favorite scrap project. They are girly, they are fun, and they are instantly gratifying: Swatch Bows! Here's the scoop.

Here's my leftover bit of Mountain Colors from the review I did. So pretty! Can't let any of it go to waste.

Start by working up a rectangle. You can make your rectangle in any stitch you desire. In fact, this project is excellent for trying out new stitch patterns. I like half double crochet (pulling through all three loops is just so satisfying), so that's what I worked up for my example bow. When you crochet your rectangle keep in mind that the wider it is in comparison to the height the skinnier your bow will be. Experiment to find out how full you like your bows. After you weave in the ends on your swatch, cut a length of yarn for wrapping, about one yard long.

Pinch the swatch in the center and tug on the sides to shape your bow as you do. 

Position your loose yarn strand under your bow with about five to six inches on the short side.

Now for the center wrap. Wrap the long side around the center over and over until you have about 6 inches left. Move back and forth from left to right and back again as you wrap to make sure that the center is even.

Weave in both yarn ends tightly on the back side of the bow.

Voila! Now you have a sweet little bow. You can use your bows for so many things; magnets, hair clips, pins, embellishments on other projects... endless possibilities! If you're selling items at a craft show these bows are great because they are quick and pretty. Experiment with textures and materials to make all flavors of bows. Yay!

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