Friday, January 9, 2015

Indie Dye Friday: Rambling Rose Yarns

The second Friday of every month is Indie Dye Friday! Feast your eyes on lovely yarn in gorgeous colorways developed by talented independent yarn dyers. Today's featured dyer is Teresa Rosello of Rambling Rose. She's here with us today to share a bit about herself and her yarns. Her vibrant colorways really stand out beautifully.

A bit about Teresa
I am a stay at home mom of two little girls.  We live in Maryland, south of Baltimore.  I love to make things from scratch, and things like cooking, sewing, knitting, and crocheting are perfect for me.  I also enjoy gardening.

How long have you been dyeing fiber? How did you get started?
Being a from-scratch kind of person, just knitting wasn't enough for me.  Dyeing the yarn that I use was a natural first step.  If I had the time (and I certainly don't!) I would enjoy learning to spin the yarn first, or even to raise the sheep myself (but don't have the land...  yet).  I started dyeing as well as a creative outlet for myself.  My second daughter had just been born and I needed a non-mommy pursuit.  Making money is a bonus, but having my shop is more for giving myself an outlet.

Where do you get the inspiration for your colorways?
As a gardener, it was easy to take inspiration from nature.  I like bold, bright colors, but am learning to appreciate the subtle colors as well. 

What fibers and dyes do you love to work with?
I love to work with the silk yarn.  The colors are so bright and vibrant!  Plus silk for some reason doesn't tangle as badly as some of my other yarns when I'm rewinding them.  I only use Greener Shades dyes, and I find the lack of diversity in their color to be perfect for me.  I only use a red, blue, yellow, and black from them and mix my own colorways.  I'd never get anything done if I used something like Jacquard, as they have too many options for me.  I would really like to start learning how to make my own dyes from plants. 

Behind the scenes...
[Here are] a few pictures of my dyeing workspace.  It's in my basement, so it's not easy to take nice pictures.  I included a picture of my yarn storage, a photo of yarns hanging to dry, and two ugly photos of my crock pots and a large assortment of the glassware I use to mix up dyes.  

A few colorways...
This is my silk blend yarn, in my Lime colorway.  I love how bright and fun this colorway turns out. 

My alpaca blend yarn is a single ply mix of wool, silk, and alpaca.  I love how the colors blend in the Midnight Blue colorway.

My tweed yarn is a fun superwash merino yarn with bits of synthetic material spun into it.  Blackberry is a great combination of purple and pink, and one of my favorite colorways.

Just lovely! You can see more wonderful colorways on Teresa's website and in her Etsy shop. Thank you very much for joining us today, Teresa!

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