Friday, February 13, 2015

Indie Dye Friday: Toil and Trouble

The second Friday of every month is Indie-Dye Friday! Feast your eyes on lovely yarn in gorgeous colorways developed by talented independent yarn dyers. Today we'll be hearing from Ana of Toil and Trouble. Her colorways pop with outstanding vibrancy and are beautifully blended. I'm so happy she's taking the time to share a bit about herself and her yarn, especially since she's been tied up in the snow storm that has blanketed the eastern US!

A bit about Ana
I was born in Brazil and lived in several different countries before settling down in the US. I now live in Salem, Massachusetts with my husband and our three rescue cats. Dyeing yarn, knitting, and obsessing over what to knit next take up most of my time, but I also love curling up with a good book, painting, and going bouldering. Also, pie. There's always time for pecan pie.

How long have you been dyeing fiber? How did you get started?
I dyed my very first skein of yarn in December 2010. I have a background in oil painting, so once I realized it's possible to paint yarn, it was instant love. Dyeing yarn is a way for me to bring together my passion for art and knitting. 

Where do you get the inspiration for your colorways?
I spent my formative years traveling and moving. I got to experience so many different cultures and stories, which has influenced all of my work. My love of books, folklore, and mythology is a predominant theme and source of inspiration for my colorways.

What fibers and dyes do you love to work with?
I love merino wool and cashmere (who doesn't?). I've discovered I enjoy working with fiber blends more than pure fibers because the combinations can complement each other in interesting ways. A hint of cashmere really increases the lusciousness of merino wool, and the merino wool gives the cashmere more sturdiness. Silk brings a beautiful sheen to wool, and the wool gives silk more stability and structure. For dyeing, I use professional grade acid dyes. 

Behind the scenes...

A few colorways...
Continuum Transfunctioner - This colorway was the most recent colorway I did for my yarn club. We've had an awful lot of snow days here in the last month, and I found myself indulging some guilty pleasures, such as watching a lot of terrible movies. As we learn from Dude Where's My Car, the Continuum Transfunctioner is a powerful device, and its power is only exceeded by its mystery. 

Fairy Queen Jubilee - This colorway was inspired by the Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. There was so much publicity around it, and one day I found myself wondering - why wouldn't a fairy queen also have a jubilee? And wouldn't it be wonderfully colorful?

Sun Also Rises  - This was one of my earliest colorways and is still a favorite. It is named after The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. 

How much do I love those colorway names? So much! Ana's yarns are so lovely (and fabulous pictures, too). I'm in danger of breaking my fiber diet! If you're as smitten as I am you can find Toil and Trouble on her website, on Etsy, and on Twitter and Instagram as @toiltrouble.

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