Friday, October 30, 2015

Qualities of Yarn and Fibers: Part One

On this blog I often highlight how important it is to choose the right yarn for your project. However, there are so many different ways to judge a yarn. Does it provide good stitch definition? A lot of luster? Halo? Some of these terms may be unfamiliar to you. I would like to help you out!

Although it is difficult to completely define and categorize yarns and fibers, I am going to attempt to focus on two main categories. The first category is made up of qualities that are mainly fiber-specific (wool, nylon, etc). The second category is made up of qualities that are specific to individual yarns (Berroco Comfort, Lion Brand Wool-Ease, etc). These charts are not going to be exhaustive (there is so much information to be gleaned through experience!), but I hope that they can serve as a preliminary guide.

Today's chart focuses on fiber-specific qualities with another chart to follow in my next post. 

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