Friday, May 27, 2016

Finished Knit Willow Cowl

I recently finished the Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon. Many of the wonderful women in my Sunday stitching group have worked on it at one point or another. Others' versions were so pretty and fun that I decided to tackle it myself. Honestly, this is the first knit item that I have made that makes me feel like a knitter. If I remember correctly, it is my sixth project. I learned some new skills, got frustrated at times, but also triumphed.

My version of the cowl is altered. It seems that I just can't keep myself from making each project personal and changing it a little. I didn't do any of the decreases that the original pattern called for, making my cowl bunchy, squishy, and more open than the designer's. I also did fewer repeats. The reason I made these changes is that I have a weird thing about accessories being too close to my neck, and the original version pretty much hugs the wearer's neck. In fact, I often take my necklaces off halfway through the day, even if they are down past my collarbone! A necklace extender may be in order...

The beautiful yarn was given to me by my friend, Toni. It's Blue Moon Fibers Sox that Rock. This pattern is really good for a single skein of multicolored yarn, as a glance through the project pages will attest.

All in all I am quite pleased. However... I think it's time to go back to crochet for a while! My hands miss it.

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