Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yarn is Everywhere

In addition to just having my book printed (YAY!), I was also recently promoted at my day job. I am now a campus manager instead of a teacher, which is kind of like a principal on a small scale.

I was reviewing some ads that came in the other day, looking to see if any of the items would be useful, and I happened to find a bunch of yarn pom poms for sale. Not sure what they would be used for, but they look fun!

Have you found yarn in unexpected places?


  1. Ok this tells the age and kind of children I work with. Isee a sensory table full of those withlittle things hidden in it basedon whatever theme the teacher is teaching at the time such as spring, dinosaurs, even numbers and letters. In case you couldn't tell I was a teacher assistant in pre-k special needs classroom for several years.

    1. That all sounds so fun! I should have mentioned that this was in a catalog full of PE equipment. I just could not figure out how someone with use yarn balls in PE. :)


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