Monday, December 16, 2013

Lonely Snowflake

Do you ever get hit with a desire to say or do something kind of strange? Most of the time I ignore these desires, but sometimes they wiggle out of the folds of my brain and manage to escape into the real world and I end up telling a stranger on the escalator with me at the grocery store that I like the cart conveyer belt because it's like putting your groceries on a roller coaster. Or I start singing along to the song on the loudspeaker at a clothing store. Well, I've done it again, this time in crochet. I made a snowflake. Just one. I didn't really feel like making a garland, or a table runner, or a blanket. I simply desired to make one small crochet snowflake. So I did.

I chose this free pattern from Red Heart. It was fun and easy to follow. My desire has been satisfied. So, now what do I do with my lonely crochet snowflake? I suppose I could make it an ornament as the pattern suggests. Do you have any ideas?

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