Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review: Crochet Lace by Pauline Turner

The Good
This book has some interesting information on the history of different styles of crochet lace. It also has one of the clearest explanations of filet that I've seen so far. The book goes into great depth in its descriptions. There are several motif patterns as well as a few edging patterns. The author herself is an accomplished crocheter with many publications.

The Bad
There isn't necessarily a picture for every pattern. The book focuses more on the general application and formation of the crochet pieces rather than focusing on finished objects, so it may confuse those who are looking for clear start-to-finish patterns. Also, I expected a book about crochet lace to have more doily patterns and examples.

The Verdict
If you're looking for an interesting read and introduction to crochet lace and object construction in a general sense, this book is a yes. If you've been having trouble with filet and want another take on it, this book is a yes. If you are looking for a book with many fully-formed start-to-finish lace patterns, especially doilies, this book is a no.

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