Monday, February 3, 2014

Love Letter Sachet

Picture if you will an awkward teen girl in the early 2000's. She was short, brunette, had glasses, and loved to get straight A's. A hopeless romantic, she loved Valentine's Day with a passion. On Valentine's Day she could be found sporting a springy heart headband, a heart-themed outfit, and a huge smile while passing out cards and candy to all of her friends (and on a few lucky occasions, a boyfriend). Maybe she was weird sometimes, maybe she was a bit quiet, and maybe she hadn't quite come into her own yet... but Valentine's Day was her day, the very best day of all. A day of love and happiness and frills!

I'm sure you can guess by now that the little awkward girl was me. Guess what? Valentine's Day is still my very favorite holiday and I'm super excited that it's coming up. This will be Alex and I's ninth Valentine's Day together. I'm a lucky girl! To celebrate, I plan to make caramels, dipped shortbread cookies, and frosted sugar cookies to share with others. Yay!

There's something else I've prepared for the season of love... a brand new pattern! Here's my Love Letter Sachet pattern. Man, do they smell good!

I walked over to Pike's Place to get the lavender that I used to fill the sachets. The sweet little store was located in a warm corner overlooking the water. I would definitely recommend it and I will be returning there for any future lavender needs.

The new pattern is available on Ravelry and Craftsy. xoxo

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