Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fiber Friends Are The Best!

I looooove my fiber groups. It is such a joy to create alongside fun, friendly, and talented people. If you aren't a member of any fiber groups yet, you should totally check them out! There are many opportunities through local yarn stores, Crochet Guild of America, and Meetup.

I attend two weekly fiber groups. On Tuesday nights a bunch of folks who live in my apartment complex get together to crochet and knit. Most of them do both. I have made some good friends in that group! We have so much fun chatting and sharing our projects. It's a fabulous beginning to my week. Then on Sunday afternoons I chill at Uptown Espresso in South Lake Union with the Rainy Sunday Knitters. I am the most avid crocheter there, though a few of them crochet now and again. These ladies are so talented and have many years of experience. They've totally adopted me into their circle and I'm so pleased about it!

My fiber friends are everything awesome I mentioned above -- and generous, too! Take a look at the things they've given me. I promise I'm not bragging, it's just important for me to recognize others when they give me gifts. My yarn drawers are certainly satisfied...

Katie from my Tuesday night group recently spent a few weeks traveling Europe with her husband. I watched her kitty while they were gone. To thank me they brought me some Lettlopi! I'm really excited to use it on Sonja van der Wijk's patterns. They also gave me some soap and a fun kitchen towel.

My friend Toni from the Rainy Sunday Knitters gave me some luxury yarn that she acquired at Vogue Knitting Live. As you can see, I've already been playing with the Rowan. She also got a gift certificate for books that she shared with the whole group. Isn't that kind of her? I can't wait to get my two books, one on scarves and another on Noro yarn.

Vicki, also from Rainy Sunday Knitters, came in the other day and set this huge bag of bulky weight yarns next to me. Whoa! That's a lot of yarn. She wasn't using it and wanted to share the love. I'm still trying to pick a pattern or two for it. Have any suggestions?

Thank you so much Katie, Toni, and Vicki!

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