Monday, October 20, 2014

Yarn, Glorious Yarn!

I have some truly amazing fiber friends that I've made at my two weekly knit/crochet gatherings. I love that fiber arts brings people together who may not have met otherwise. Today I want to talk to you about my friend Toni, her talents, and her amazingly kind and generous heart.

Here is beautiful Toni standing by several of her adorable knitted bears. Toni is an accomplished knitter and an avid collector of yarn. She's also a wonderful friend who I have a lot in common with.

 Look at her well-stocked fiber library! Toni can both knit and crochet but generally prefers knitting, especially socks. In this picture you can see her knitted clowns, juggling balls, and lizards. 

She really is serious about her sock knitting. She's put years of work into perfecting her techniques, and as you can see the results are well worth it.

Just look at this cute stack of foot outlines! What lucky family members she has.

Here is the great view from the apartment that Toni lives in with her husband and two dogs.

Toni isn't just a yarn collector, she's a yarn connoisseur. She has excellent taste and buys only beautiful, special yarn.

This past Thursday I was invited to Toni's home for a special reason... she wanted me to help her de-stash! She felt like she had reached STABLE (stash above and beyond life expectancy) so she wanted to share the love with me and support my design career. She let me pick from each box! I know right?! It's like the clouds opened up and the yarn gods rained their joy upon me. I still feel like I can't possibly deserve such kindness. Thank you so very much, Toni! The yarn will be well used. Just take a look at this...

Wow. WOW! Look at all of this gorgeous yarn! Doesn't it just make you want to cry? The design gears are already turning in my brain as I think about what patterns to write with my new wealth of materials. I may also review the yarns for you as I use them.

Thank you times a billion, Toni! And yes, one day I will pay it forward. Yay, yarn!

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