Friday, November 14, 2014

Remix Friday: Princess Crown

I love all things girly. I am certainly of the opinion that people of any gender can (and should!) enjoy whatever styles and fashions that they want. It just so happens that the styles and fashions I personally love best are always girly. Sparkles, purple and pink, lace, ruffles, dresses, jewelry... count me in! Today's Remix Friday project is delightfully pretty. It proves that no project is too small to remix the way you want it... or to girlify! Check out what Kris made.

The Crocheter
Hi my name is Kris Webb. I learned to crochet 8 years ago when my former coworker/friend
(Hey Amanda!) gifted another coworker a beautiful baby blanket. She offered or I begged her to teach me and I was hooked, literally. I also have Amanda to blame/thank for introducing me to Ravelry. As we searched Ravelry for crochet patterns for our new daughters, knit patterns were speaking to us. We vowed to teach ourselves that same year. Who picks a sweater and a dress as first projects? 

In 2010, my life was turned upside down. We welcomed our twin boys into the world and relocated 4 months later when my husband accepted a new job. I left my corporate career and some wonderful friends behind to be a full time mom to my 3 crazy, silly, needy, wonderful children. I remember feeling like I lost a part of me after my boys were born. I had very little time to create and I missed it. I decided that I would make time. I gave myself 10 minutes a night, just a few rows. I was so tired but I could sacrifice 10 extra minutes of precious sleep time to make me feel like me. I eventually learned that I could crochet and knit while I nursed babies. Yeah for productivity! 

Most days I can be found daydreaming about my next crochet, knitting, sewing, craft project in between loads of laundry and trips to the park. I’m that mom that knits/crochets while waiting in the pick-up line at school. My children are my number one inspiration in all of my creative endeavors. My go to yarns. I love Malabrigo and Berroco Comfort for knitting. I mostly use Vanna’s Choice and Berroco Comfort for crochet. You just cannot beat the color selections and affordability of both yarns.

The Original Pattern
Toddler Princess Crown by Leanne Growden

The Story
For some special mother/daughter time I purchased summer tickets to a local theater.  Children are encouraged to dress as characters from the shows. I made this crown for my daughter to wear to the show Pinkalicious.

The Remix
I used crochet thread because it was the only gold yarn that I could find at Wal-Mart. I added extra rows of single crochet to achieve a taller crown.  I opted to make all of the points equal. I used a sewing needle and thread to attach pink beads to the finished crown.  I used watered down Elmer’s glue and saturated the crown. I dried it overnight around a large bottle of vinegar. I did use bobby pins to secure it to her head the day of the show, but the crown did hold its shape.

Crochet is... “Like my Grandma”. In many ways I am so much like my Grandma. She taught me to crochet a chain in the back seat of my parent’s station wagon on family vacations. I could make some very long chain snakes back then. I still keep a crochet turkey pin in my jewelry box that she made me. Bless her heart, she made us all one every year.

You can find me on Ravelry and Pinterest as kprobst4 (I like friends). I have ambitions to have a blog.  I even registered for one last year. Maybe someday I will slow down in between projects and actually post something.  An Etsy shop, nope, but maybe someday. I just cannot seem to move beyond that long list of things I would like to create for my own kids. On very rare occasion (when people beg), do I knit or crochet for profit.

So freaking adorable! Makes me want to make a crown... for myself! Fabulous job, Kris. Have a pinkalicious Friday my wonderful readers!

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