Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yarn that Changes Color in the Sun!

OH MY GOSH, you guys! I just saw this neat yarn the other day at one of my local yarn stores.

It's yarn that changes color in the sun! I have never seen something like this before. Have you ever worked with it? It's called Abracadabra by HiKoo, distributed by Skacel. So cool. What would you make with it? There is clearly pattern potential here. Hmm...


  1. I would like the colours to be conservative during the day for work and then brighten up after dark for fun! I would use it for hi-visibility for cyclists or students walking home if the colours were suitable. I used to have a fashion doll whose skin would change colour after lying in the sun - thus gaining a suntan way back when that was fashionable and we hadn't heard of skin cancer! There was a colour changing garment fad back in the 80s around '83-'84 if i remember rightly. I suppose you could use it in a similar way to illusion crochet and knitting.

    1. This yarn is white indoors and then pin, blue, or purple in the sun, so I think it would just be white at night. There are lots of glow-in-the-dark yarns out there, too. Kreinik makes glow-in-the-dark thread that can be carried along with any yarn to make it glow in the dark.

      I used to have one of those color changing garments as a child during the mid-90s. It was a butterfly that was black and white indoors but became beautifully colored in the sun. I loved that thing.

      OooOooo illusion style... that's a great idea!


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