Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday Focus: Heather Sonnenberg

Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday. We so excited. We gonna have a ball today. A ball of yarn, that is! Alright, I get it, you're excited to read about today's featured crocheter and here I am spouting silly nonsense. You'd do well to be a little less serious yourself at the moment because Heather Sonnenberg's bright, clean designs are quite youthful and ever so sweet. Her pattern shop has a little bit of everything fun, from pigs to pine cones.

Who taught you to crochet? How long have you been doing it?
I taught myself online! Amazing what you can learn with the combination of Google and YouTube :) [How long?] Probably about 5 years now. 

Why do you crochet?
I started originally knitting and eventually decided to learn to crochet. I love creating things, and I particularly love crochet because I find that I am more able to make what I want with crochet than with knitting. Crochet is much easier to alter, and more difficult to make serious mistakes.

Crochet Favorites
I am in love with ruffle yarn at the moment, I hope in time to come up with a pattern using it, recently I have just been making lots of scarves! In terms of yarn for everything else - I am allergic to wool unfortunately, which leaves me with two real options: Cotton or acrylic. As acrylic is much easier to find in a greater variety of colours, it is generally my yarn of choice. I generally use Bernat for most things, although Patons has a very nice soft acrylic as well. 

What are you working on right now?
Recently I have been working on a brown lovey (Haven’t decided yet whether it will be a dog or a bear!).

A few finished objects...
Although this wasn’t my first published design, it was my first true design idea. I really wanted to make a nurse had and just could not find a pattern anywhere! I decided to figure it out myself and make my own, and once that was done I thought why not work out some more sizes and write a pattern!

Another pattern that came from a previous fruitless search. Though there were certainly some shamrock coaster patterns out there, I just wasn’t thrilled with what I was finding. The idea for this design was already in the back of my head when one of my testers suggested it. With that reinforcing the idea I went straight to work and this was the result! I was particularly happy with the Gaelic look these coasters had, and they are still one of my favorites.

I actually just finished this little guy the other day and the pattern is being tested right now! I am very excited about him. Again another idea of my own that was solidified when the pattern was requested by a tester! Stay tuned for the release!

Are those patterns cute or what? You can find those patterns and more in Heather's Ravelry shop. You can also find her work on Etsy and Craftsy. I personally adore all of her coaster patterns, but if I had to pick a favorite pattern from her shop it would be this delicious ice cream. It's the best pattern for ice cream that I've seen. Sweeten your day with a little something from HGSDesigns. Thanks, Heather!

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