Monday, July 1, 2013

Come Fly with Me

Man, I sure do have a propensity to use song titles and lyrics in my blog posts. I hope you're a music lover! Anyway, back to crochet...I have a good friend who awesomely flies planes in his free time. He owns his own small plane that he takes out on nice days. I felt like making him a small crochet gift for being such a great guy and a plane was the obvious choice. This lead to me finding the best amigurumi pattern ever. Seriously. At no point was I confused or uncertain. The directions were super clear, especially for a free pattern! Angela Van Camp really did an excellent job with this one. I didn't even mind sewing the extra pieces on, and I usually hate that.

I had some felt lying around so I decided to experiment and add details that way rather than crochet the colors in. Gotta love the propeller! My results were pretty good, but in the future I think I will crochet the colors directly into the piece as written in the pattern.

I could totally see this pattern being paired with a themed baby blanket as a shower gift, or perhaps embroidered with initials for someone who is going on an extended trip abroad. In any case, I really enjoyed completing this pattern. Now get up there, where the air is rarefied!

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