Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Review: The Harmony Guides Basic Crochet Stitches edited by Erica Knight

The Good
I adore this book. The pictures are pretty and in color. You'd be surprised how many stitch dictionaries print their photos in black and white! There are so many stitches compiled here that you're guaranteed to come across one that you haven't tried before. Also, there isn't a lot of space wasted on techniques that the average crocheter is likely already familiar with. This book gets down to business! I haven't practiced all of the stitches yet, but from what I have seen there aren't any errors in the text.

The Bad
The instructions were a wee bit confusing at first, but my confusion cleared up quickly once I spent a little time with the book. It's mostly a matter of figuring out what the instructions take for granted and what they don't (ie turning at the beginning of rows, adding stitches to the starting chain, etc).

The Verdict
On a scale of yes to no, this book is a yes.

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