Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meet Mr. Bingley, the Little Scottie Dog

I just love trying out new patterns. My Ravelry queue is unreasonably long, but I swear I will get to each and every one of those projects eventually. Designing my owns patterns makes me appreciate the hard work of others all the more.

Since I needed a little break from designing my current project, I decided to take a crack at a pattern that's been in my queue for a long time: Scottie Dogs by Sonea Delvon. This is a free pattern. It's fairly well written, and any ambiguities are cleared up by looking at her hand-drawn diagrams. In fact, I'd suggest looking at the diagrams before you begin so that you get a feel for the project. I was able to finish my dog in about two hours, making this a quick and fun project. My dog was made using her "medium" guidelines. I used Vanna's Choice with a 5mm hook so the fabric would be tight and the stuffing wouldn't show through.

I added the collar and heart-butt myself. I think he's a charming little fellow. He might have been named Mr. Darcy, but I think he looks a little too friendly for that, so Mr. Bingley it is. There's a lot more Vanna's Choice where that came from, so I'll likely add a few more Scottie Dogs to my collection. How should I embellish them?

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