Monday, November 4, 2013

More Crochet Sightings!

Crochet is so popular right now and I'm totally loving it. Here are two crochet sightings that my husband and I have had recently.

You've likely seen this first one. It's a coffee cozy on a poster at Starbucks. My friend and crochet buddy who manages our apartment building sent it to me as well. I really like it because it encourages using alternatives to wasteful java jackets.

The second is a phone case that my husband Alex and I saw in a Ross store. It has great vintage appeal. It's kind of a weird idea for a phone case to be honest, but I enjoy it for obvious reasons. It could be tatting but it looks like crochet to me, especially the outer round of the circle before it becomes lacy and pointed.

Seen any cool crochet out and about lately? Share it with us here or on my Facebook page!

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