Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Official! Crochet is Good for Your Health

Need another excuse for hooking your hours away? Crochet is good for you. Science says so!

Awesome article. Also, it's totally adorable how all of my friends who knit and crochet have been squeeing about these findings all over my email inbox and Facebook feed. Fiber folks unite!


  1. It's so great to see so many health articles about knitting and crocheting hitting the mainstream. When I did the research a few years ago to write Crochet Saved My Life there was very little info like this available.

  2. Indeed! Something else that's wonderful about this is the accessibility of crochet. Not everyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, and/or other psychological issues can afford traditional therapy. Some may be reluctant to seek help because of the social stigmas (which are stupid). However, almost everyone can go get a $2 hook and a $4 skein of yarn. It's not a replacement for necessary treatment and it won't work for everyone, but it IS a way to take healing into your own hands, both literally and figuratively :)


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