Monday, April 14, 2014

Katniss Cowl Pattern Explosion

When the second Hunger Games movie came out this past winter the big talk of fiber town was the grey cowl/vest thing Katniss was wearing at the beginning of the film. I thought that it was just a fad and would die down but man was I wrong. Crocheters and knitters have been in a frenzy over the cowl. Tons of designers have posted their own versions to Ravelry and Craftsy. Etsy buyers have been clamoring to purchase the cowl from crafters of all kinds. Here's what happens if you search for "Katniss cowl pattern" on Google.

Whoa. There are many versions of the cowl in both knit and crochet but none of them are quite right. Some come really close to the original but still... there's something off. I became curious. Who actually made the cowl Jennifer Lawrence was wearing? I learned something quite interesting.

The "Katniss cowl" isn't knit or crochet... it's woven!

Handwoven by artist Maria Dora to be precise. No wonder fiber folks are having such a hard time replicating it perfectly. It's really fun to see the intersection of fandom and fiber arts. What do you think of the Katniss cowl?


  1. Beautiful regardless :)

    1. If I didn't have million projects going right now I'd make one for myself!


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