Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Media Crochet Sightings

How I do love Netflix. Know what I love even more? Finding crochet gems hidden in shows and movies! Have a gander at what I've spotted lately.

Here's a double sighting in COG, a movie based on some David Sedaris stories. It was a difficult movie, but interesting too. Notice the granny square blanket on the couch as well as the doily on the back of the chair.

Here's another granny square blanket on the back of a couch in an episode of Parks and Recreation. 

And what is this? Yet another granny square blanket draped over a chair in Take This Waltz. I just keep finding granny squares everywhere.

Here's a black and red chevron blanket I noticed while watching The Shipping News. 

Here's another The Shipping News sighting. This blanket was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't capture its beauty with a screenie though I tried several times. It made me wish I had a pattern for it!

That's all for now. If you find any exciting crochet in your favorite shows and movies, feel free to send along a screen cap!

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