Monday, November 24, 2014

The Flamies

Have you heard of The Flamies? The Flamies are a series of crochet awards for blogs, patterns, videos, magazines, designs and more. Neat, huh? The Flamies are currently sponsored by Red Heart.

Kathryn over on Crochet Concupiscence has a lot of good things to say about The Flamies. The nominations are now open, so go ahead and write in your crochet favorites.

I think it's wonderful that there are awards dedicated to crochet professionals. The crochet community is growing larger every day with the increase in the popularity of fiber arts and other hobbies. Do your part to encourage the crochet professionals that you admire and take the time to nominate them for a Flamie. Plus, who doesn't love filling out online quizzes? I sure do :p


  1. Thanks for letting people know about The Flamies in general and for linking to my post about them!

    1. For sure! I love supporting both you and the online crochet community :)


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