Monday, July 21, 2014

A Trip to San Juan Island and Island Wools

The San Juan Islands are located in northern Washington right next to the Canadian border. Last week I went on a fun getaway trip to San Juan Island with my Sunday fiber group. Such wonderful ladies! We had a blast, and of course we worked in a visit to a local yarn store on the island. Today I'm going to share some pictures from the trip with you, all taken by the lovely Toni McClory.

Being up on the deck of the ferry on the way to the island was so cold but so exhilarating!

The scenery was stunning. The Cascade Mountains kept us company all along our drive to the ferry and also during our ferry rides. Doesn't Toni take great pictures? 

After a nice lunch our first big stop was Pelindaba Lavender Farm. The bees buzzed happily as we browsed all of their lavender products. They had lavender mustard, chocolate, candles, wands... even ice cream!

Ah, delight of delights, the yarn store! Island Wools is tucked away in a quiet corner waiting for yarnies to pop in for a visit.

The store had a great selection of yarns including many of my favorites. If you're ever on San Juan Island, be sure to take a look!

Julie Packard runs the shop and has a gorgeous line of yarns, Whimsical Colors, that are dyed in store. Awesome work, Julie!

I absolutely could not resist taking home a few skeins for a special project. Stick around and you'll find out what it is! ;)

The whole day was so very wonderful. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such caring, friendly, and talented crafters who I can geek out over fiber with.


  1. Hi! I love your blog and thanks for the info about inline hooks and non-inline. I never realized there were two types and I'm going to definitely compare them. I probably have some of each without even knowing!
    Thanks again for sharing--it's really interesting!

    1. You're so very welcome! Thank you for reading :) It's so validating knowing that the info was of interest.


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