Friday, December 19, 2014

Remix Friday: Bloomsbury Dress

Every once in a while we need a bit of glamor in our day. Sometimes glamor means adding glitter to your eyelids, sometimes glamor means a sassy strut while walking down the street, and sometimes glamor means remixing your crochet project in a new and fabulous way. Today I'm going to share a glamorous twist on an already wonderful pattern. Aleksandra made her project pop with amazing bell sleeves and other alterations. C'mon and vogue!

The Crocheter
Hi! I’m Aleksandra, I work as a software developer by day and a rabid crocheter(and sometimes knitter) at night. I live in the greater Chicago area with my two cats, Heath and Freya. I started crocheting a few years ago when I was working as a traveling consultant for a tech company. I was literally in and out of airports every week and I needed some sort of creative pursuit that I could easily travel with, so I ended up choosing to crochet and I’ve been loving it ever since.

The Original Pattern
Bloomsbury Top by Tammy Hildebrand

The Story
I seek a lot of inspiration from Art Nouveau, Baroque, and Medieval styles and I’m especially fond of the large flared sleeves worn in the middle ages. I searched for a pattern that I thought I could modify to suit the design I had in mind and I ended up choosing the Bloomsbury Top. 

The Remix
I made the Bloomsbury Top longer by adding an extra round of motifs and I used a basic trellis stitch for the sleeves. I used the edging for the collar on the arm holes also to give a sturdy base for the sleeves (they are very heavy). I started with a round of 15 5-chain spaces and then I made 5-ch space increases (evenly spaced out) on the 2nd round of the sleeves, and then did the same increases on every 4th round until I had completed 5 rounds with increases. After that I just continued the trellis stitch in the round until I had the length desired. 

Crochet is... Output for creativity

Look at that picture. Just look at it! So. Much. Glamor. Thanks for sharing your totally gorgeous dress with us, Aleksandra!


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