Friday, December 12, 2014

Remix Friday: Cheshire Cat Bookmark

TGIF! Have any fun plans for the weekend? I'll bet many of you are frantically working on holiday gifts. If you're still in need of something small and customizable for your co-workers, for stockings, etc, take a hint from today's Remix Friday project. It's small but completely creative and adorable. Think about how you could run with Rachel's idea and make your own Remix.

The Crocheter
Hello! My name is Rachel Ballew. I am known on Ravelry as yarnaddict12. Now here's the fun ones; my siblings call me Roach and Rachelina Ballerina(and no, I have never done anything with ballerina). I am 24 years old. I have been crocheting for several years now, I learned when I was a teen. I am left-handed. My favorite yarns would have to be Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart Soft. I personally do not like the super soft yarns. I am weird about the way things feel. My favorite colors are purple, green, and turquoise. But I also love lots of color! I am happily married without children. My husband nor I want any. We have 3 wonderful dogs known as Alice, she is a 60 pound, 4 year old, bull terrier; Mia, she is a 70 pound 4 year old, wolf hybrid; and Scootie, he is a 14 year old, 25 pound mutt. I am a stay at home wife.

The Original Pattern
Cat Bookmark by Justyna Kacprzak

The Story
I made the cat bookmark as part of a Crochet Along(CAL). I am obsessed with all things Alice in Wonderland. Even my craft room is decorated with Alice memorabilia! The Cheshire Cat in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland inspired me to make it turquoise.

The Remix
I changed the shape of the tail so that it would be fatter and short to resemble the Cheshire's tail more. I also added craft felt to make the eyes, smile, ears, nose, and all his stripes.

Crochet is... Creativity, Inspiration, Imagination

Such a cute cat! Just think of all of the ways you could use felt to decorate your very own cat bookmark. Thanks for the great Remix, Rachel!

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