Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Look at Yarn Textures

There are every so many different yarn textures. Subtle differences in texture are often due to the ply and fiber composition of the yarn. A yarn with a high silk or nylon content will be smooth. A 100% acrylic yarn might be a bit stiff and scratchy. A single ply yarn will have a loose, fluffy texture.

There are also wilder yarns whose textures are bold and different. Yarns with bold textures like boucle, fun fur, eyelash yarn, and terry cloth can bring a completely different look and feel to your projects. Today I'd like to share a plethora of yarn textures that I found while perusing my local craft store. Note their similarities and differences. Think about how they might best be used, what hook sizes would be best, etc. The goal is to expand our horizons and use texture as an inspiration.

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