Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Rise of Digital Crochet Magazines

Crochet magazines have long been an important part of the subculture. With patterns, articles, and more they bring connection and enrichment to crocheters worldwide. Some of my favorite crochet magazines are Crochet!, Crochet World, and Interweave Crochet.

Since I am part of Generation Y / the Millennial Generation I have never really known a world without computers or the internet. The rise of technology has brought new avenues for distribution of crochet media. Crochet blogs, websites, videos, podcasts, and more have exploded all over the internet. Recently a new craze has been added to that list: Digital crochet magazines. The rise of digital crochet magazines makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways, especially given the popularity of tablets like iPad. Most of the large traditional publishers have followed suit by providing their own digital versions of their normal print magazines. However, today I'd like to provide you with a short list of some exclusively digital crochet magazines. These magazines do not come in print versions and are only available digitally. Hopefully I have a few to show you that you haven't seen before. Check them out and see which ones you like best!

What are you favorite crochet magazines, both digital and print?

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  1. There are many benefits of digital magazines but there are still many of us who do not have a tablet or e-reader (or fast internet). I am noticing some interesting trends.

    I share two of your favourite print mags - Interweave Crochet and Crochet! They are great but I get very frustrated when some print magazines show photos of patterns (and publicise them on the cover) but then don't print the patterns in the magazine! They expect readers to download them. Not everyone has instant internet access. I buy a print magazine because I want a printed copy. It is more convenient for me. If I wanted a digital copy then I would have downloaded the digital copy. I like magazines that give readers the option.

    I also like it when readers who have purchased a print version have access to the digital version too. After all, we have paid for the use of the publication, does it matter whether we use the print or digital version?

    One downfall of the rise of digital magazines is that the print sizes are getting smaller in many cases. That's okay if one is reading a mag through an e-reader or online but when there is a print version, often the print version retains the tiny print sizes too. When I have paid for a printed publication already, I don't want the added expense of photocopying an enlargement so I can use the pattern. Have you noticed these trends, Sara?

    Thanks for pointing out the new online titles. It is good to know what is out there.


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