Monday, February 9, 2015

Helpful Crochet Hints

Have you ever read Heloise's Helpful Hints in the newspaper? I just love them. I sometimes ask myself how I never knew such simple things that could have been making my life easier all along. In an effort to pay it forward I'm going to share with you (in no particular order) a few helpful crochet tips that could potentially make your life a bit easier. 

- When making a garment in a washable yarn, make sure to wash a small swatch in the yarn you're using. That way you'll know if there's going to be any shrinkage and you can crochet the right sized garment accordingly. 

- Use a magnet to keep track of your metal findings (thanks, Brenda!). 

- Don't wind your yarn skeins until you're ready to use them. Winding them too early and letting them sit in cakes isn't good for the elasticity of the yarn and may warp it a bit.

- Did you accidentally work up too many chain stitches for your base chain? No need to redo your chain and first row. Carefully untie your slip knot, pull out the extra chain stitches, and very securely weave in the end.

- When learning a new stitch or technique, try to use a yarn that is lighter in color so you can see your stitches better. 

- Did you run out of the yarn you're using and can't find more at the store? Look up the yarn and colorway on Ravelry and see if anyone has some listed in their stash. They may be willing to sell it to you. 

- If you need to work in spiral rounds and you don't have a stitch marker, good stitch marker substitutes include a piece of yarn in a contrasting color, an earring, a clasp, or a twist tie.

Have any more tips of your own to share?

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