Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cats Love Crochet (and Crochet Loves Them, Too!)

Something that I've noticed in my crochet adventures is how many cat lovers there are amongst my fellow crocheters. I'm not quite sure why the two are so closely related, but I do know how much I love having my cat around while I crochet. Cats love the soft, squishy, textured goodness of our FOs as much as we do. It's nice to be appreciated! There's nothing like quietly hooking away while your sweet little kitty purrs by your side, all warmth and closeness. Today I want to honor all of the lovely fur-balls out there who brighten their owners' days. Many thanks to the wonderful crocheters who collaborated with me to make this post possible. Here are their cats and their creations!

Pookie is having a sweet snooze on Leila M's One Skein Throw. She belongs to Leila's son, Chris M.

Here you see Westley testing out Mandi C's Granny Stripe Blanket. He approves!

Selena S's Richmond Lace Infinity Scarf is so beautiful that Dewey just has to rub his face all over it.

Milou is basking next to Eleonora G's Elise Shawl.

 Miscellaneous, aka Miscie, is making herself comfortable on Amanda C's Ariel's Baby Blankie.

Olivia has hitched a ride on Emily H's Sea Turtle Rug.

Evgenia G's Autumn Throw is perfect for Tima to stretch out on.

Daru is enjoying some friendly snuggle time with Carolin B's Amineko Cat.

Of course, today's post wouldn't be complete without my own little cat, Ranna. Ranna is a daily delight to my husband and I. Our home wouldn't feel right without her!

Have a purrfectly wonderful and crochet-filled day!


  1. Beautiful cats, and beautiful projects!!

    1. I totally agree. It's wonderful to see what others are making...and the little "helpers" they have :)


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