Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Focus: Jean Herman

Hello! It's the end of January. Can you even believe it? I must be getting older because I certainly perceive time to be passing more quickly as of late. How was your month? I had a very productive January. I've been writing patterns, winding yarn, tidying up, working up FOs, researching, planning, the works. I hope, nay I know, that February will be just as awesome. Let's roll into this new month in a big, bold way! Jean Herman, we need you! She is today's featured designer and her patterns are a blast. Bold clean lines and true-to-life shaping give her objects a distinct style. Take it away, Jean!

Who taught you to crochet? How long have you been doing it? 
My mom taught me how to crochet when I was little and we made granny squares together. And then about six years ago… I ordered a Japanese Amigurumi Book written in Japanese and I taught myself how to crochet beyond granny squares via their charts. They have excellent charts and I just cross-referenced it with a crochet guide book. I crocheted many projects via their books. I became obsessed and purchased many Japanese Amigurumi Books. They are absolutely amazingly creative.

Why do you crochet?
I crochet because it allows me to create cute little projects. I am a huge amigurumi fan. I’m always crocheting amigurumi gifts for friends, co-workers, and family because it gives people a big smile. They are so amazed at how the objects look like they are supposed to and that’s what is great about amigurumi. I also like to create exaggerated sizes of objects for fun.

Crochet Favorites
When I create Amigurumi patterns… my favorite go to crochet hook is just an inexpensive hook with a foamy pencil cushion completely taped down with electrical tape for comfort. I go a little nuts if I can’t find this hook when working out a pattern. I try to put it away in its safe place when not using it… that doesn’t always happen. My favorite yarn to crochet with is Vanna White’s Medium weight yarn. That brand has great colorways and it crochets up great for projects. 

What are you working on right now?
I’m currently crocheting Nellie the Elephant African Flower Crochet Pattern by Heidi Bears. It is very colorful and pieced together with different “granny” shaped pieces. It isn’t amigurumi, but a very happy elephant for my mom’s birthday gift. The pattern is available on Ravelry. 

A few finished objects...
Giant Q-Tip - Why this popped up in my head to create… I have no idea. I just thought it would be funny. Pattern is free on Ravelry. 

Little Ducklings and their Momma - I crocheted these to fill up a shadow box of other cute little items. (pattern in a Japanese amigurumi book…these are available in Japanese Etsy shops.)

Holiday Lights - I created Holiday Lights - not to be politically correct because these are Christmas Lights but I meant for them to be created for any holiday and to decorate with for fun. For ex: crochet red/white/blue for Fourth of July… not just for Christmas. Pattern is free on Ravelry.

I love love LOVE those giant lights. I'm not alone either... they have over 1,000 likes on Ravelry! They are too cute. Also, those giant q-tips are just begging to be used in a battle/pillow fight/joust. Wanna see more by Jean Herman? Her free patterns are available on Ravelry. Thank you for taking some time to share with us today, Jean!

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