Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grandma's Chevron Blanket

When my brother and I were very young our grandmother made each of us a traditional crochet chevron blanket. I didn't know what crochet was at the time. All I knew was how much I loved my pink and purple blanket. Dan's blanket is blue and cream. In addition to sleeping under them we often incorporated them into our games. They were our mushroom tops when we danced around like the mushrooms in Fantasia, they were our caves when we played "diggers", and they were our robes when we were royalty.

My grandmother passed away when I was six. The chevron blanket has always been very special to me, but when I became serious about crochet I saw the blanket in a new light. I can now see all of the individual stitches and know just how she made it. It makes me wish that I could show her my own crochet. It's amazing to make items that others can cherish and to write patterns that will be followed and lovingly made by grandparents, parents, siblings, etc. Crochet is warm and fuzzy on both the outside and the inside.

If someone in your family makes things by hand, take a moment to appreciate them today. If you're the one who does the making, I'm taking this moment to appreciate you! Thank you for sharing your skills with others and giving them items they can cherish for years to come.

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